I suppose most people call it coming of age. Though, I always associated that phrase with tacky teen movies and going to college. Maybe this is just the second…hell, even third round of this ‘age’ thing. It’s never ending. It’s in your hands this time. The age. Wrinkles forming around your knuckles from years of climbing, … Continue reading transition.


  13, according to numerologists, is a karmic number. A number that will cause upheaval in order to break new ground. 13, according to The Internet, is the smallest number with eight letters spelled out in the english language. 13, according to the superstitious ones in the world is unlucky. 13, according to me… is … Continue reading 13


The day is November 16. In 1949 somewhere in Bakersfield, CA. A Dexter was born. In 1998 he turned 49. Which for some reason, I remember. In 2010 We hung out, watched movies and laughed… a lot and my brother surprised him for a visit. In 2012 I kayaked into the middle of the ocean … Continue reading Birthday.

the job.

At some point in time, someone decided that there was an outline of how life is supposed to look. Grow up, play with the neighbors, graduate with flying colors, go to college, graduate again with flying colors then get a job in the exact field you graduated in and work to support the family that you … Continue reading the job.


It’s okay, not to be okay Your eyes peel open from a heavy, heavy sleep. Your body aches slightly. Your heart is heavy, though your not totally sure why. It could be a lot of things. The sun is shining bright. Guilt sheds over you as you roll over in bed. You should totally be … Continue reading okay.