4 thoughts on “tiny.”

  1. Beautiful. I love natural light. Each individual area seems spacious. Creative and inspiring. Build us a tiny house in your backyard…..love you, cousin.

  2. Well this is excellent! This means I don’t have to buy a massive piece of land once I move to the coast (one day, when I’m rich), I can buy a small piece of land and build like this. Well thought out and designed!

  3. Christa! We just got back from France yesterday and I can finally open your attachment with the design plans.Love this project! Hope you aced it. My feedback? It is kind of fun that I have been to Hanoi and I think I know this lake. BTW-it is very crazy, busy, and noisy and right in the city and I don’t think your client could get a permit to put the house there. Put soundproof doors and windows on the house! And it is very hot there–I would want a window near my bed. Otherwise, it is a perfect design in my opinion. Just my thoughts–I always have to put my two cents in.We are so looking forward to seeing you in August–finally. Yay! I hope Sam can join the fun. It will be fun with Terri and Marker there too.Love you lots!Sandy

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